About the NRM knowledge online digital archive

The NRM knowledge online digital archive is a digital repository for managing, storing and providing access to digital content.

It is designed to deliver on the Australian Government’s commitment to providing open access to publicly funded information. The initial focus is on publications and maps but future development will expand coverage to other digital formats.

The digital archive provides the following functionality:

One of the advantages of a repository is that each piece of content can be described in some detail via the input of associated metadata. This acts much like a catalogue record in a library management system and allows searching across items within the repository. The repository uses open standards to ensure that the content can be searched and retrieved for later use. The use of these agreed international standards allows mechanisms to be set up which import, export, identify, store and retrieve the digital content within the repository.


The digital archive is built on open source software. Use the links below for further information about key elements.

Digital storage

Discovery and search interface

Search engine

Controlled vocabularies

Content Management

Metadata schemas

The repository uses